One last look around the house before we go

The panic is over.  I’ve crossed into the pre-trip place where I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that there are some things that won’t get done, some things that will be forgotten, some detail that will go awry, so I’m focusing on what I can control and trying to make sure the truly important and unacceptable things are managed properly.  Like when I took Blair (cat) to Dan’s parents’ house this morning, I forgot the food dish, but I remembered the prescription medication.

The bags are largely packed, the house-sitter has been by to get the instructions, and it’s now down to scooping litter, washing the dishes & giving the kitchen one last sweep-up so the ants don’t have a field day while we’re away.  Anna and I did our nails already, so that’s off the list.  Dan is napping.  I didn’t get to the gym, but I may sneak away here in a moment and do just a quick run-through the weight machines, because it will be my last time for at least five days.  But maybe I won’t.  One real remaining concern left is that all the stuff will fit in the car, but we’ll cross this bridge when/if it happens.

I made one attempt to sign up my cell phone to twitter, but it really didn’t go well, and anyway, it’s twenty cents a text message (which means, nobody ever text me unless it’s essential, because it costs to receive as well).  I’m going to do updates here, with some on facebook, and I’ll tweet when I get net time at rest stops.  Uncle Greg (the Macbook) will be along, so as soon as we get a wireless signal, the game is afoot.  For photos, I’ll probably make a picasa album & upload to there, as people have sometimes had trouble getting into the .mac photo galleries.  Links will come here & to facebook, and for the next few weeks, every time I post here about the trip I’ll link to twitter.  Like I’ve done with this one.

Tomorrow will rise as early as we can, and we’re heading to Denver by the end of the day to stay with my uncle & aunt in Englewood.  Sunday we’ll be going to Mesa Verde, and depending on when we arrive there, we’ll see the sights Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.  Same thing with Grand Canyon, but on Monday into Tuesday.  By Tuesday night we will be in Phoenix, at Dan’s brother’s place.

So I’m off now to do the last few bits.  My ipod is unsynced (wah!) and is now reloading everything; as soon as that’s done, I’m packing up the electronics.  No more posts here until tomorrow night at the earliest, but I"ll tweet during the day, so if you want to keep up, follow me here.  You don’t have to have a twitter account to view it, though twitter will constantly urge you to do so.  I will TRY to use Twitpics (photos that post to my twitter feed) but it might be hard to do on the fly.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Wish me traveling mercies and that the crazies stay off I-80.  Also that my body doesn’t rebel at 12+ hours in the car.

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