Cortez, Colorado

This is being written right before I pass out utterly into bed, so please excuse any mechanical errors or aphasia-induced stupiity.

It’s almost eleven, and we’re at Cortez, Colorado, just outside of the Mesa Verde National Park.  We’re going to see the cliff dwellings tomorrow before we push on to Williams, Arizona, just outside the Grand Canyon.  Today was a six hour drive, but we got a late start because we had too much fun talking to my aunt & uncle, whom we stayed with last night in Denver.  We got there about eight and left town at eleven this morning.

We had to buy a new camera last night because the one we had was not taking pictures that weren’t blurry, something which would have been nice to have noticed BEFORE the vacation started, but heigh ho.  So we went to the Littleton Best Buy, and now we have a lovely Canon.  We took a lot of pictures today, because we took the pass through the mountains to get here, but I’m too tired to put up the photos.  Maybe in the morning.  

The route we took was picked by the GPS system Dan’s parents lent us for the trip: it’s a Garmin brand, and we’ve nicknamed her Lady G.  And the good lady today didn’t send us down I-25, but over Wolf Creek Pass, and we decided to bow to her satellites.  Well, it was such a great choice.  The views were so amazing that we couldn’t do anything but look out the window.  I did nap a bit, and I finished Feet of Clay, but mostly I gawked.  Dan drove, the whole way, for which I am grateful.  I have a fear of falling off edges of roads on tight corners, or of losing control coming down steep hills, so I spent most of the time on the very top of the pass trying to find my zen.  But we made it, and the Mazda, bless its heart, did beautifully.  

We ate dinner at a local Italian restaurant called Nero’s Italian Restaurant.  The food was great, and we all cleaned our plates, then scarfed down a cannoli.  Then Dan & Anna went to the indoor hot tub & I went to buy milk.  I also got beer.  We’ve had the latter, and hot baths, and now we’re going to bed.

More tomorrow, I hope.  There’s not much internet in the mountains, so no tweets or posts until the end of the day. Unless I get some time and I get a picture post up tomorrow morning.

I hear we missed a lot of bad weather, both in Iowa and in Denver.  I’m not what this is as an omen, except that it wasn’t where we were and wasn’t crap weather as we tried to climb the mountain (or descend it), so I’ll take it.


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