Sunday update

Sorry, would have put this under a cut, but LJ just went bonkers and ate half my coding. You’ll just have to scroll past me if you don’t want this update.

Well, it’s Sunday, and a week from today we’ll be home; by the way things look right now, it should be the either the first or maybe second morning back.  I have been having a blast, and vacation has been wonderful in so many ways, but I admit, too, that home is sounding so, so good.  

I think most of all I miss my workouts, if you can believe it.  Dan swears I don’t look much different, but I completely feel the effects of not working out and of eating crazy, and I don’t like it.  I’ll ride it out until we get back, but it’s renewing my determination to not just resume my fitness stuff but to ramp it up a bit.  Some of the photos we’re taking are okay of me, but a lot of them remind me I’m still not standing straight, and that I really could stand to keep pushing at this, because I will not just feel better but look better, too.  In the meantime, though, I’m eating leftover Du-Par’s for breakfast.

I can’t believe it’s been Thursday since I last "reported in’!  Well, we’ll fix that now.  And the last rounds of postcards will get addressed today as well, and mailed tomorrow.


On Friday we woke up and headed to  Los Angeles.  We’d intended to get going by 8, but we were actually ready to leave by 7:30, so we did.  Our goal was to experience as little of the LA rush hour as we could manage, but our early departure did mean we enjoyed Phoenix’s morning commute jam.  But we muddled through, and soon we were cruising at 80 down I-10, heading for the border.

I swear, I’m never going to complain about fields of corn & soybeans again.  I can’t stand driving through desert.  It’s so barren and horrid, and ugly, even when it’s pretty.  I miss the green so much.  Believe it or not, I will rejoice to see Nebraska on the drive back.  Mountains are lovely, and the ocean is breathtaking, but there is nothing that says home quite like huge green deciduous trees rustling in a June breeze while the humidity index rises.  


The drive was not bad.  I did all of it, which did make it long towards the end, but it still wasn’t bad.  I didn’t like the wind at Palm Springs, and I had to stop an hour into LA and put eye drops in because I couldn’t blink out the blur (bad, in six lanes of traffic), but after that and a Starbucks Iced Cappuchino (sp? I give.), I was ready to roll again.  I was glad I drove, because it let Dan gawk, and gawk he did.  He had to occasionally help me unsnarl Lady G, who got confused by LA’s habit of shoving sixteen highways/interstates/whatevers into one road, but with some faith, pixie dust, and frantic texts to  , we made it to her door.

We were greeted by her husband and two excited dogs, and then  herself; after some visiting, then unpacking, we settled in.  Anna became fast friends with Emma and Angus (the dogs), and the rest of us chatted until we realized we were hungry, at which time our hosts ordered Thai, which was very, very yummy.  Dan, Anna & I then made a quick venture down to the beach, dipped in our toes, then came back to pass out.


This was the one unplanned day, which of course meant we tried to shove everything into it we wanted to do but hadn’t booked.  In the end, we spent some time in the morning planning the trip back, adding a stay in Vegas and leaving a night earlier to help us ease the passage back and add some time in Colorado.  Then we made a quick trip to the Culver CIty Hello Kitty Store, where Anna was, frankly, stunned to speechlessness.  We came back, ate lunch, then went with Kari & Stephen to Manhattan Beach, where Anna discovered all the interesting places sand can get stuck in one’s person.  After coming home, de-sanding, then plotting some addresses into Lady G, we set off for Hollywood.

Dan’s main ambition was to see the sign and snap a photo, but since we parked in the Kodak Theater ramp (ALWAYS the way to go if you’re heading into Hollywood), we also browsed the mall, the Hollywood Boulevard shops, and of course, the walk of stars.  Anna found another Hello Kitty store, and this time was apparently acclimated enough to rush about wanting everything there, but settled on a pin and a stamper.  We got our photos, and also two Oscars (Best Family, and Best Daughter), and a lot of photos of the sidewalk.  

Anna was both fascinated and terrified of the actors dressed up in front of the Chinese Theater; some of them scared the crap out of her, but some were her favorite characters, and she frankly didn’t believe us that they weren’t real.  When she saw Willy Wonka (from the Depp version), she couldn’t stand it, and decided she had to go tell him she was a fan.  Except by the time we got parked, pushed through the crowd, and reached him, he was gone.  She was crushed.  But then, on the way back from an aborted attempt to walk to Joan Crawford’s star, she suddenly began bouncing and shrieking incoherently, and eventually I realized she had spied him sitting in a restaurant.  So, armed with a five dollar bill, we went in, asked if he would mind, and not only was he very polite and kind, he gave her a golden ticket to hold for the photo and played Willy Wonka to the hilt during the entire exchange.  When I passed him the five, he was visibly shocked, and I realized he’d done the whole thing expecting not to get paid.  It was worth it, though, for Anna’s smile.

We’d been on a mission to find Joan Crawford’s star, as I mentioned, but it was very far down, and the neighborhood was degenerating as we walked, and so was the sunlight.  We decided we’d try it by car, and if we couldn’t park, so be it.  But the spirit of Joan was with us, and not only did we find it, but there was parking right beside it, so we got out, had Anna snap the photo, and now the pilgrimage is complete.

On the way home, we hit Du-Par’s, a local diner from Farmer’s Market which has now become a chain in the area, but still looks like it did in 1938.  We had the famous hotcakes, failed to finish them all around, then brought home an order for .  Her husband poured me a Scotch when I got home, and shortly thereafter, I was in bed.

Today we meet up with Dan’s sister & her boyfriend, and hopefully can meet up with some other LJ users as well. Tuesday we begin the trip home. We’re going to stay in Vegas on Tuesday night, then head to Glenwood Springs on Wednesday, do some mineral springs swimming and horseback riding, then wake up early Friday and ride hell-for-leather for home. If we can manage to head straight there, we will, but we reserve the right to collapse in the middle of Nebraska if need be.

This is the Sunday report. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Here’s where we left off, I think, in the Picasa, and here’s the whole album. I’ll update again when I get a chance, and in the meantime, keep thinking safe thoughts for us, especially when we’re on the LA Freeways.

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