Leaving Las Vegas

 A quick post as we leave Vegas: we stayed at the Stratosphere last night, where the cost of internet was almost half the room.  This sounds bad until I tell you that the room only cost $30 for the night.  


Las Vegas was an impromptu stop devised around Saturday when we were trying to suss out the way home.  Dan discovered that we could stay at the Stratosphere for only $30, so he booked it.  We feared it would be a real dive, but outside of a strange bathroom, it was actually just fine.  As all Nevada hotels are, it had a bed, a TV, and a bathroom, but that was it.  No coffee maker, no fridge, no nothing to keep you in the room.  We got there at 9:30, so it wasn’t much of a night, but we managed to get to the top of the Stratosphere Tower & took a few pictures.  

It was high!  I was really nervous, but I was also really tired and didn’t feel particularly safe walking, let alone standing 800 feet in the open air.  Dan considered riding the Big Shot, then got a close look at it and decided, ah, no.  So we went back down, took a cab ride down the strip, and went to bed.


Yesterday was our last day in LA; we packed up, hit the grocery store for the ride home, then had lunch with inkgrrl before heading out.  We ended up in rush hour traffic and added 2 hours to our trip, but we eventually made it through, and made it to Vegas . I drove through LA and Dan did the mountains into Vegas.  


Dan’s driving again today, where we will hit four states: Nevada, Arizona (briefly), Utah, and Colorado as we head to Glenwood Springs.  The cabbie last night tried to convince us to hit Bryce Canyon, but between the sheer cliffs by the road and the promise of many tunnels, he hit both of Dan & I’s panic buttons, and we decided to never go there, ever.  


So that’s us.  We’ll report again tonight once we get to the Springs.  Photos then, too.

3 Comments on “Leaving Las Vegas

  1. Sorry you guys hit such the LA traffic clot… at least you can say you’ve gotten the full SoCal experience now. Have fun and keep safe!!

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