This is the distance we traveled today.  850 miles, by car, in one day.  We woke in Glenwood Canyon, with clouds hanging low over the valley, shivering in our shorts and wrapping blankets around us in the car, and we ended the day in Iowa, sweating and damp at 10:30 as the jungle-like air pressed down upon us.  We only spent 45 minutes of the time between 7AM MST and 10:30PM CST out of the car, and we have the sore asses to prove it.

I am so happy to be home.  The cats are weirded out by us, but they all lived, and so did the fish, and everything in the house is fine.  We are back.  I’m reeling, but I’m so happy.  As we came into Iowa, we all cheered, and as Ames appeared on the horizon, I nearly cried.  It was a fantastic trip.  It was epic.  It was wonderful.  It was something I’ll never forget.  But while there were many, many wonderful moments, the hands-down best one was coming home.

More photos tomorrow and a proper wrap-up.  But all posts now are coming from Iowa, home sweet home.

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