Slave to a hula hoop

This is Grace Jones, singing "Slave To The Rhythm" as she hula-hoops. Through the entire song.

It’s a sign of how body-focused I’ve become that after I got done being amazed, I found myself thinking, "Hula hoop. That’s good, cheap core exercise."

This does not mean, however, that there will ever be Youtube footage of me singing anything while hula hooping.


3 Comments on “Slave to a hula hoop

  1. I don’t think my life will be complete UNLESS you post YouTube footage of yourself singing while hula hooping. For the duration of an entire song. A real song, not “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” of course…

  2. If you can learn to hula hoop a whole song while singing, I would willingly bribe you to see that on the internet. In chocolate. And booze! I was always a terrible hula hooper so doing it for any length of time is impressive to me.

  3. We actually used a hoola hoop a couple of times in my exercise class, and I could not keep the damn thing up . . . And, oh yeah, I felt like an idiot.

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