You should watch Virtuality

I think. I’m still watching on Hulu, but so far I’m liking it. Interesting situations, interesting characters. Maybe you all know about it already and I’m the last person on the blue boat to know. But, in case I’m not:

Learn the deets here. And enjoy! I’ll update this post with a verdict when I finish. So far it’s winning out over Sims 3 and editing. Apparently, if we like it we’re supposed to lobby Fox for it to be a series.  There’s a Facebook group or something.

(Found out about this from , and I will admit that I started watching because she said that 1: that it was like Firefly and 2: there was a gay couple in it.)

UPDATE:  Just finished.  Verdict is that it’s quite good.  Reminds me of Lost in that you don’t quite know what’s going on, and that’s part of the premise.  What’s real, what isn’t?  It seems like a show that would have a lot of cool risks and interesting character development.  Great situations.  So far I’d say the writers are smart, but not so sharp they cut themselves, and the premise would get me to turn in again.  This is the Facebook fan page.  There’s something about sending postcards to Fox.  I think Twitter and just general net viral exposure is a good start, too.

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