This is what procrastination looks like.

Actually, it’s more what a scattered Heidi looks like.  Dan was off today, but only today, and so today had this faux-weekend feel to it, though it wasn’t.  Anna had a friend over, too, and I went to the gym and a chiro appointment, and I did laundry, so it’s one of those days when I sit down at 5:30 and ask myself what I got done today, and the answer is "chores and errands."  Which always makes me want to drink.  Today, however, it isn’t true.  Because today I did this.

As whiteboard outlines go, it’s pretty wimpy (it’s also backwards), but this story is blissfully short (for me) and straightforward (for me).  It used to be called Shining Light, and it still sort of is, but I’m thinking of calling it "Hero."  Not sure if it can hold up the one-word title, but I might give it a try.  (Gilly, that’s the one I sent you notes on.)  I want to send it here.  I think.  Not yet, though, because I’m still sorting it out.  

  and  beta’d for me, and thanks very much to them again, and now I am chewing on it.  I got all the way to act three, had a eureka moment, and now I know everything that needs to happen, almost, and I just have to do it.  But now I have to tweak, here, and there, and elsewhere, and I have to stew.  So what I need is a nice long, quiet day where I do nothing but wrestle with it until I get another rhythm going.  And then a bit more beta-ing, and then proposal, and then: submission!  Because this one is going to a publisher.

THE SEVENTH VEIL, however, is at an editor.  It is still going to be self-published, possibly with a bit more oomph than I previously thought, but that cake is still in the oven.  More on that later.  The editor stopped by today to drop something off, and from the sorts of comments she made, little things she’s caught and that she’s noting, I got excited.  So that’s good.

But I need to email/call my brother, and I need to finish this book, and I need to clean the house, and  the list goes on and on, and in the meantime, I am just itching to get back to drafting.

What I’d like out of this week would be to get a handle on my schedule.  What I hate about the way my life works is that while I’m here all day, I often get nothing in particular accomplished, just lots of bits of lots of things.  I really hate that, and I want it to stop.  And this is something that I can stop.  So, I’m going to make this week the Week I Figure It Out, and if I fail, I will make next week the Week I Figure Out Why I Couldn’t Figure It Out Last Week And Then Will Get It Right Now.  There’s probably more I should be blogging about.  Well, "should" is a strong word–there’s more I’d like to be recording here.  But I will put that on the list of things to work in, and away we will go.

One Comment on “This is what procrastination looks like.

  1. I always try to avoid the should trap, as it implies a lack of choice/agency in the matter at hand. That said, I often fall into being ruled by the should. Bastard shoulds.
    And the white board? OMG want. BIG. I am loving Curio for the mind mapping but am finding I just think better first-first-first draft if I can toss handwritten notes onto something. Sort of rolling the bones – if I can read what I wrote then it’s supposed to stay in the story 😉
    Been working on that schedule thing too. I want shorter cycles to completion – maybe set cupcake goals rather than multi-tiered wedding cake goals. Ooh, cupcakes…

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