Head trip

You may recall I had a car accident in the middle of May.  Very minor.  Bad for the car, but I had no troubles.  This, it turns out, is not so true.  There is this damn neck issue.

Something about the SCM muscle.  Something about scalenes, and C-5, and first ribs.  All I know is that it started hurting a few days after the accident, got a bit grisly on the road, and has been a right bitch since we got home.  I go to chiro.  I go to PT.  I take a damn lot of Vicodin, which is irritating because I was nearly off the stuff before this happened!  And now I’m back to a bazillion appointments.

I just got home from PT, and there was also chiro earlier in the day.  The chiro adjusted me, I think everywhere there is to adjust in my neck.  (Likely an overstatement, but wow.)  It felt good, for an hour.  I went to PT.  She worked on a few things, then did some energy work, then made for me to go.  And when I stood up, I felt my scalenes.  Though they were fine before the appointment, somehow the work on the other areas has made them swell.  There are three distinct, swollen lumps on the side of my neck.

"Are they supposed to be like this?" I ask.   She feels them.  "Huh," she says, and then, "No."  

So I’m going back next week.  I keep hoping this will even out.  I’m irritated at the scalenes, because they WERE fixed.  It’s like she squeezed one part of the balloon and it went somewhere else.  I’m trying to be patient, but I’m getting tired of it.  I cannot believe such a minor, no-big-deal wreck could do this.  Obviously, I am wrong, but still.  Arg.

That’s it.  This post was just a whine.  And now it’s over.

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