I need a TARDIS

Or a time-turner, or something.  Because this is my list today:

1.  Finish editing HERO.  I only have three chapters left, but these are the chapters that need the most revision, and I’m just now arriving at them.

2.  Do all my PT exercises, especially the hip/leg/ab ones.  I haven’t been, and I’m starting to pay.

3. Write up some information I said I would get out to someone today.

4.  As Joan would say, CLEAN UP THIS MESS!!!!

Only number two is a necessity, but I really want the other three, especially number one.  I want to keep my word on #3, but I am really thinking it’s going to get bumped to Monday.  If it weren’t the Fourth of July tomorrow, I could do it then, but it is, and Ames is full of parades and picnics and fireworks, so it will not happen tomorrow.  And I feel horrible about the house.  But it really isn’t going to happen, either.  Sigh.

I guess the most important thing is that I get HERO off my desk.  I am very serious about shopping that one, and I can’t do it until it’s edited.  Well, until it’s edited, checked again, and some submission materials are created for it.  But at any other part I could do it while I was working on another story.  And that’s the bottom line for me right now.  I want to move on to SOMETHING ELSE.  Either TEMPLE BOY or SMALL TOWN BOY, probably the latter.  But I want to move forward.  Desperately.

So I’m going to go downstairs, eat, and do two exercises, then come up and write.  Except I think I may have to extricate someone’s bike from the garage first.  And something else will probably happen, too.  That’s okay.  I’m a tree, I can bend.

4 Comments on “I need a TARDIS

  1. OOK! You can doo eet!
    And damn, we forgot to trade exercises when you were here. I have to find hip stuff I can do – PT is still way focused on neck but the rest of me needs attention too, so any references you’ve got please toss ’em my way.

    • Hmm. I’ll see if I can find net visuals of what I do. Lots of pelvic tilts and squats. Also planks. Side-lying circles (that wants a visual), the clam (ditto) and a few that I can’t even think of how to name. Remind me next week and I’ll draft you a thingie.

  2. If you find a tardis can I have borrow when you’re done (oh, and if David’s in it, you have to share)?
    My weekend sounds like yours. Only with no bonus fireworks and picnics

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