I will post a more coherent review tomorrow, but in the meantime GO AND BUY THIS BOOK.  Well, unless you don’t like m/m romance and/or don’t want to hear anything, at all, not even a little, of BDSMish stuff.  Except I hate to say even that, because what I want to say is, if you secretly want to read/learn/know about BSMish stuff but are scared to death to even read it, but still wish you could, then get this book NOW.  This book is a goddamned safe word.

And I am in love with Catt Ford, a bit as a writer, a whole heaping ton as a reader.  I threw my writer hat off into the fire in chapter one, and I soared to the end with my heart pounding.  Thank you, Ms. Ford.  I only thought of London when you mentioned it.

(That will make more sense tomorrow, when I actually review.)

Anyway.  I bought it in ebook because I couldn’t wait.  I’m going to buy the hardcover because I want to have it in my hand.  And I will tell you why tomorrow, because now the book is over and I can finally get to bed.

ETA: Link now actually goes to the book.  


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