We have lived in this house for five years.  There has always been an opening for a laundry chute in the upstairs, but I thought it was closed off in the remodel, that it had gone down to the basement in previous lives but not this one.   But we had the plumber guy in now to ask about the air conditioner, and in a hunt for return air vents we discovered that the laundry chute is not closed off, and empties into my kitchen!

Where, you ask?  Well, if you’ve been to my house and thrown away anything into the kitchen garbage in that weird pull-out area, that’s my laundry chute receptacle.  Or, it’s MEANT to be my laundry chute receptacle.  And it will be again, once I disinfect the hell out of the bin and buy a new garbage can with a lid on payday.

I HAVE A LAUNDRY CHUTE!  I’ve always wanted one.  And now I have my very own.  

8 Comments on “I HAVE A LAUNDRY CHUTE!

  1. Awesome! I had a friend in elementary school who’s house had a laundry chute. He used to throw army men down it with parachutes. 🙂 I am sure Anna will love it too!

  2. Wow! You know, I had no idea that ordinary houses had those – I thought they were just for hotels! 😀
    How on earth do people with them stop their kids from daring each other to jump in?

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