Potluck & Pride!

 On July 24, those idiots are coming to Ames to be idiots.  On that same day, One Iowa and MY FREAKING CHURCH FELLOWSHIP will have a phone bank to help preserve Iowa’s still fledgling marriage equality.  I will be there.  I will SO be there. 

Want to come?  Obviously some of you are hindered by an ocean and/or multiple thousands of miles, but local folks/local-ish folks?  You in?

3 Comments on “Potluck & Pride!

  1. Oh, Fred once called a friend of mine “King of the Sodomites”.
    I said, “Well, if I’d known you were royalty, I’d’ve treated you with respect!”

    • There’s a strong movement to have as little response AT the site as possible. Some students from DM will be there for sure because they feel strongly about it, but in part they’ll be recruiting for the potluck/phone bank, too.

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