Call for betas

 I will explain this more later, but I’m low on time now because I gave myself twenty minutes on the internet and I only have three left.  Here’s the deal: I need some betas for THE WITCH’S APPRENTICE THE SEVENTH VEIL. (Sorry, eta the correct title.)  Several of you have read it, and I love you dearly. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is a completed fantasy/adventure/romance-ish story that I’ve had completed for some time now and keep dithering about what I’m going to do with it and where to send it.  The elevator pitch is that the hero, a noble, bisexual bastard with a drug problem, finds out he’s actually half of the god-force of his whole world.  He starts a blind, clumsy quest to find his other half, but though she by rights should be a female, she has incarnated this time as a man.

I need some new eyes, and I need a bigger pool.  I am looking solely for reader reaction, and a body of people to poll for questions.  I have an editor looking at it whom I am paying, and she’s wicked smart, so don’t strain your brain doing for free what she’s already doing. Anybody can beta this.  Comments for this are screened: if you want to read, I’ll need an email to send the document.  Or, if you don’t want to do that, or don’t mind bad formatting on the net, go here. But if you’re planning to beta, at least holler.  If there’s not enough interest here, I’ll have to cast a wider net.

This story is very long, so raise your hand or sit on it accordingly.  I also need to have your reactions by September 1.  (If you get three chapters in and hate it, please just make an excuse and cry off.)  Again, all I want to know is what you thought of the story: characters, the plot in general, the world.  I’m getting some of that from the editor, but a want a wide pool.  Ultimately my goal is that if she cites something as "needs work" and I am reluctant to change it, I can go to this large pool of readers and take a poll.  I’m assuming that 99% of the time she will be right, but my brain, she is a stubborn creature.  I need ammo against it. Also, this will help me when I am tired and frustrated and want to say this story just isn’t very good: the more people who read my journal and hear me say that and come at me screaming YES IT IS SO SHUT UP the better.

Thanks in advance.  And it should go without saying that if you’re a writer and you beta for me, I will beta for you.  No matter who you are, all my betas always get special box seating in the theater of my heart.

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