Goal: Met, and exceeded

 Well, okay, I failed on the fitness goal, but my body was pretty sore and wanted a day of recovery.  So tomorrow I"m going to do some work at home, another hour at the very least, and if I can, I’m going to get some biking with Anna in.  But I totally made it on the writing.  The goal was five thousand, and I did seven.  

Even cooler was that the stuff I wrote yesterday which I’d meant to be the opening turned out to be three scenes or so in, and I was able to start at the new beginning this morning, meet up with the stuff I did yesterday, then cap off the sequence.  It so almost makes sense that I am tempted to post itty bits, but I know better.  It will change again.  I did offer to show Dan, which is always a sign that it’s starting to come together.  (And he just took me up on it, tweetdeck says.)

I still am not sure how the hell they’re going to end up on the road.  Well, I know how, but the timing feels iffy, and I have no idea how they will maintain conflict, despite all my self-assurance earlier.  But I’m willing to ride with it.  I always say I want to write a story where I actually ride along to find out what happens.  Here’s my chance.

Except I swear I know the end.  I just don’t know how they get there . . . .

Anyway.  That is my day two of 5k/day update.  Verdict: I am so sharp I might cut myself.

(Oh, by the way?  That picture of Heath Ledger yesterday is my celebrity stand-in for Mitch, the love interest. I have a hard time visualizing the hero, but he’s very cute and spunky and fun.)

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