Day 3: More drama, but I still win

I didn’t get a story update in yesterday because yesterday was kind of teh suck.  I woke in the middle of the night with a stomach in revolt, dealt with that all night and through the morning, then spent the afternoon in a puddle.  There was no exercising yesterday of any kind unless you could the myriad trips to the bathroom.

HOWEVER, I did get writing done, of a kind.  I actually advanced 10k in word count yesterday, but a lot of that was pasting in old draft.  Almost assuredly these will be the bits later which hang me up all to hell, but I am now at the point where I might as well plunk down whatever is handy because, as my internal editor keeps shrieking, IT IS ALL WRONG!  Well, she’s incorrect, because it’s not ALL wrong.  The pacing is, and the arc is screwy.  I’m just about done with the first act, and it’s not right.  But as I have discussed with this whip-wielding bitch before, there is no way to know what IS right until the whole thing is done.  So only thing to do now, distasteful as it may be, is let it be wrong until the whole thing is done and I’m more able to see what it would take to make it right.  Otherwise I’m going to end up building a room for the house which, while it might end up pretty, will probably be held up by a solitary 2×4 or worse, nothing at all.

I did give the first 12k to Dan to read, though.  My favorite part is that he liked the pizza boxes.  I do, too.

Yesterday had drama of other sorts, more than my digestive system on strike and recalcitrant plot.  At about 8:30 last night, Anna and I were in my office when I heard the front screen door open, then close.  Since Dan was at work and if our friends & neighbors walk in, they shout, "hello!" I knew we likely had trouble, and we did.  Sidney, cat #5 at Chez Cullinan, had noticed the door was not quite shut and let himself out for an evening stroll.  By the time I got my shoes on and rounded up Anna, he had taken off, and the shadows were growing quickly enough that he was too hard to see to chase.  This led to many tears on Anna’s part, and a lot of cursing from me as I constantly went out to look for him.  Bingley (cat #3) kept crying on the screened-in porch, making us think he was Sidney, and I figured he was just mad that Sidney got out.  But no: it turns out he was trying to tell me there was a FRIGGING POSSUM out by the front steps.  I worried that it was rabid, and tried to remember if we actually got Sid to the vet this year (we did).  The thing hung out for hours, probably not letting Sidney back to the house, and generally freaking me out (and keeping me well away from the bushes when I went on Sidney searches).  

When Dan got home from work at 11, he nobly took up the cause and a flashlight, venturing a bit deeper into the brush (brave knight!), but to no avail.  He went out several more times, but had no more luck than me, and we were just getting ready to give up and go to bed when we heard the Holy Scream From Hell, which meant Sidney was fighting with something in the back yard.  We went out (this time in pajamas), found him, but could not catch him as he ran off.  I’d had it and went inside, but Dan, unwilling to give up his quest, continued to search.  He was just coming around to the front of the house to surrender when, lo and behold, there was Sidney, waiting to be let in.  To our credit, we did not string him up on a ceiling fan.

Today I am taking Anna to Dan’s parents to see his SIL & our soon to be BIL, and we’ll join them later this evening.  I’ll try to use the afternoon to do an honest 5k, some exercises (though I’m going to take it easy), and a bit of housecleaning because   is coming to watch Queer As Folk with us on Saturday.  We’re also apparently getting the proper Iowa August weather back today: first rain and thunderstorms, which will turn into high mugginess and then bonkers air temperatures, the two combining to make unbearable and oppressive conditions no sane person would go out in voluntarily.  

Just in time for the Iowa State Fair.

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