My letter to Photobucket

 I’m writing to express my disappointment and my offense with what I believe to be a prejudiced and backwards Photobucket policy. A google image search led me to a Photobucket site, and because of the type of image I was searching for, I included the term "gay." Above the found photo from your site was an urge to search more "[name] gay photos," and so I clicked. I was immediately warned that my search might be pornographic. My search was not pornographic, because the word "gay" is not a synonym for it, nor is it in any way a logical correlation. It is a homophobic one, and I am insulted. While I am a heterosexual woman, I have many gay friends, and you have just kicked them in the teeth. I strongly urge you to suspend this ridiculous warning and to more carefully consider your assumptions regarding your audience in the future. Heidi Cullinan

Their response:

We utilize statistical data to decide what search terms are most commonly used
when searching for explicit material. Those statistics suggest that ‘gay’
among many other terms is commonly used for this purpose.

This in no way reflects the views or beliefs of We sincerely
apologize if this has in any way offended you.


Your Photobucket Support Team


2 Comments on “My letter to Photobucket

  1. I don’t understand the outrage. Many people tend to tag things as “gay” meaning “gay [porn]” or “gay [sexual stuff]” – and Photobucket is to blame for this?
    Would it make them racist if their site statistics had a high correlation between “black” and “watermelon” as tags?

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