Days 4, 5, and possibly through Monday: Pause for real life

Yesterday I only got half-way through my goal to 5k, which is entirely because I took the morning to get Anna to my in-laws and spent the evening there myself.  I don’t care, as it was totally worth it.  The next few days, though, are more of the same, or even worse from the standpoint of writing time.  Today   arrives, and I thought he might like it if the cat barf were cleaned up and our half-folded laundry wasn’t strewn across the den.  Maybe he’d even like a clean, uncluttered place to sleep, and if he really wants to be spoiled, a clean toilet.  Also, something to eat for dinner . . . you know how it goes.  Tomorrow is an even bigger day, my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law’s engagement party in Iowa City, which is a wonderful thing on so many levels.  And this is to say nothing of the fact that I need to work in some gentle hip and shoulder work today, because my body is trying to throw itself over a cliff.  I need it to type, so we’ll have to address this.

Bottom line, however, is that there won’t be acres of writing time until we get to Monday.  The good news, though, is that I’m currently way, way ahead of schedule, sitting on 27K total.  This means, to stay on schedule for getting 80K by day 16, all I have to do is get to 30K by Monday, and worst worst case scenario, add 3k to my total on Monday.  This is no problem.  I might get a wee bit in this morning, some tomorrow either before we go or on the way, and there it is. Ta-dah.

To celebrate, I believe I will have a shower.

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