Ms. Irlweg, we don’t need to fight.

I love so many things about the subject matter of this post that it’s hard to know where to start, and truthfully, like most art, it’s best to let each reader love or hate it on its own merit. But I will say that what resonated with me is Carroll’s pluck but also his control in his response, and above all else his patience. What I love about the concept of a "revenge" song going so viral that I read about it on the Huffington Post is what it speaks to regarding media and connectivity and how the internet gives voice to the voiceless in a way no person or legislation or movement has ever done before.

The backstory: David Carroll and his band took a flight on United Airlines, and during the trip, their negligence broke one of his guitars, but United repeatedly refused to cover the damages. Carroll has apparently pledged to record three songs in their honor regarding the incident, and below you will find the first two. United has offered, now that they are a Youtube hit, pay for the damages. Carroll suggests they give the money to charity instead, and is, one assumes, working on the final rebuttal.

I. Love. This.

Dave Carroll’s web pagetwitter link, and his album on iTunes.  (And of course, your own copy of "United Breaks Guitars and its sequel."

4 Comments on “Ms. Irlweg, we don’t need to fight.

  1. I think these are brilliant. He seems like the least threatening person on the planet, and her wrote these songs which are upbeat and fun and have a great melody, but are also a big old FU to United.
    Dare I say it’s a breakaway pop hit? I wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of Anya.

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