Where is the news?

The above clip is from CNN’s "Reliable Sources," and within that segment three commentators and the host discuss the "Stewart-O’Reilly Feud."  What I like about it, though, is the commentator at the end who asks why all this cable news airtime doesn’t make for more honest and in-depth reporting.  He asks why we don’t cover ALL of the town halls, instead of just sound bytes, for example.  He says he thought this was what cable news would be, but it isn’t the case.

I think American citizens are definitely overeager to be entertained instead of informed: I don’t know where PBS’s newshour sits in the ratings, but I suspect it’s very low.  And yet it’s the least sensational, least partisan, least anything but pure news.  It’s also free, both in cost, and of ads.  Yet of all the networks, it’s FOX who is tops for news.  Many people will tell you they get their news from O’Reilly, or Olberman, or Maddow, or even Stewart or Colbert.  Certainly they have a right to do this.  But is it a responsible way to get the majority of your information?

Of course, if you want a clearer, unbiased picture, you’re going to have to work for it.  Where is journalism?  How did we lose it?  How can we get it back?  I love Stewart, and I do watch him regularly, though he’s not my only source for news.  Wouldn’t it be great if he had to work that much harder for material?  Wouldn’t it be incredible if he weren’t constantly nominated for journalistic awards?  Something tells me he’d be the first to applaud.

5 Comments on “Where is the news?

    • I had heard that, which is great. If they’d get rid of Daniel Shore or add someone complementary from the opposing whiff, they’d be nearly perfect.
      I actually don’t want bias in my news, even in my own political flavor–perhaps especially so. I want critical thinking and facts. Echo chambers are nice, but they don’t help us move forward.
      (I am a HUGE NPR buff during the day and especially during the evening. I love listening to All Things Considered while I make dinner.)

      • I’m mildly annoyed when I hear talk about bias, because they talk to Grassley (blech) and other conservatives fairly frequently when they can get them to talk.
        That’s some of the problem–they request interviews with people, but they don’t always get them, so it can seem biased.
        Daniel Schorr is kind of past his prime, but I’m willing to bet he’ll go the Cronkite route somewhat soon and then it will be all over NPR.
        Hee, I help with ATC, so that’s kind of thrilling. Pat=super awesome.

        • I think the lefty bias isn’t there in the news (unless someone’s trying to make a case that searching after facts makes for bias), but I suspect some of that comes from daytime stuff. Fresh Air is left-leaning, I would say. TOTN, though, I would say is pretty much not. I LOVE TOTN, too. I think Neil Cohnen (however you spell it) makes great strides to be balanced–they even had that right wing guy who got banned from England on! Of course, as soon as a caller had a liberal bias he hung up declaring he was being set up by the left, but that was a caller. I’ve heard conservatives on that show and others, too, both in speakers and in commenters.
          I think IPR is particularly aggressive in its attempts to air both sides in their guests on the 10 and 12 shows, too.

          • ❤ TOTN! Especially Science Fridays.
            I also love Wait, Wait, which, while not exactly news, is still newsish.
            NPR is my main news source. Also, I read the local papers and msnbc online at work. (I read ANYTHING online at work. SO bored some days.)

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