Have been writing past few days: okay, Monday I festered, Tuesday I told the story it had to come to Jesus OR ELSE, and then it did, and I’ve been writing since.  There is enough of this thing in place now that it can run to the end.  Even if I run it into walls or it goes down blind alleys or even starts coming out in Sanskrit (sometimes I think I should just learn Sanskrit and save us all time), I can fix it.  Eventually.  So I can now officially say that there will be a story that may or may not be called SPECIAL DELIVERY.  Except I think that title is sticking. Maybe.

In other news, I have fallen in love with Tumblr.  I like it because it’s quiet, and strange, and because it is the antithesis of writing, at least with what I post and what I like to follow.  Mostly it’s photos as blogs, or strange one-off bits of quotes or such.  You can reblog people, or load your own photo, or whatever.  I heard someone describe Tumblr as dessert at the end of the day.  I’d agree, except I like my Tumblr like I like my dessert: whenever the hell I want it.

This is my Tumblr.  I have no theme, and I will never adopt one.  It’s just the shit I find and post.  If it’s anything, it’s my offering to the god of Random.

Back to work.

4 Comments on “Tumblr

  1. *is now following you* :D, I’m the same way with my tumblr, I have the stumble upon tool bar, which just adds to my insomina, and I tend to blog everything pretty on tumblr. Choas seems to be the name of the game for that blog ^_^.

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