The Boys of Pleasure

 I just wrote a whole story in less than 24 hours.  11,000 words, which is only five thousand more than it’s supposed to be.

It has LUNASA in it.  Well, obliquely.  But they gave me the title.

I rock.

Thanks, .

7 Comments on “The Boys of Pleasure

  1. Ooooooohhhhh…
    Any Story with Celtic Folk Band Influence is worth reading.
    Hey, that reminds me, where can we grab exemplars of your writing? I’d love to peruse and spread the word on the goodness.

    • Re: Ooooooohhhhh…
      Well, I have a few bits on fictionpress, and by “a few” I mean one very short story and one mother honking novel that I’m trying to sort out what to do with, and in the meantime have it up there so I can feel good when I see that people have read it. Otherwise I have little samples drizzled in here as teasers. Though Brad says in October the magazine with my short story in will be out, illustrated with photos and everything.
      I’ve always wanted to write a story and use Lunasa in the background while I wrote it but could never figure out how that was going to work. This was fun.

    • Dan the man is reading it now, and then I’ll let it sit a few days and have at it. 6k is gonna be a real stretch, but we’ll see what a few days setting up will do.

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