This morning Wells Fargo is the Good Shepherd.

I know it’s not really cool to love your bank, especially when your bank is a behemoth corporation which, especially these days, is synonymous with S.A.T.A.N. and all his minions.  But I have actually never had a single solitary moment’s worth of trouble with mine, and this morning they completely saved our family’s collective ass.

Okay, perhaps that’s overdrawn, but not from where I sit.  Wells Fargo this morning blocked a major purchase to an Apple Store, but only for $1200.  They also blocked much smaller purchases to Saks and something else similar.  The interesting bit here is while I’ve never shopped at Saks, I do actually shop quite a bit at the Apple Store, in RL and online, and I have spent that much there twice.  So how they figured out that whoever that was wasn’t us, I don’t know, but they were right.  Dan woke up this morning to find our card didn’t sync with our checkbook (he balances it electronically every single morning), went to the website, and was quickly calling WF.  But they’d already blocked it–in fact, that was what was out of sync.  Now the card is cancelled, they’re issuing us a new one, and we aren’t on the hook for a single dime.

Wells Fargo owns all our mortgages.  They have given us really good deals, as best as they could, and they helped us not just buy this house and our car but get out from under our other house.  They were kind when they explained we couldn’t refinance again when shit hit the fan and have given us a really amazingly killer credit card rate for about three years now to compensate.  They keep our checkbook going.  They help us pay bills, keep a roof over our heads, and despite the fact that they are the size of a dwarf star, they have never once made me feel like a number.

I know the big banks can be bastards, and I’m sure there are people who have nasty WF stories.  All I can tell you is that I did not want to go to a big bank when we came to Ames and entered into my financial arrangement with them with great trepidation.  But over five years into my relationship, I have yet to so much as be mildly irritated with them.  And today I’m not just happy, I’m incredibly grateful.

Thank you, big huge corporate bank, for having my back. 

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