1.  Bat is not rabid.  

2.  Had to take Vicodin last night, and as a consequence, was hung over all day.  (Why the fuck anybody takes that shit recreationally I will NEVER understand.  Do they just hate functioning?)  But went to chiro today, did the mystery foot thingy, and now I plan to stay up and write well towards midnight tonight.

3.  Have new front steps thanks to fabulous father in law.  Dan helped install, but they are mostly Tom the Fabulous Cullinan’s brainchild and handiwork.  He came and put the railing on today.  There will be final photos on Facebook or somewhere.  Watch Dan’s blog (available on the right under "Violet, would you come over here for a second?") for full details.

4.  Wrote in 500 word chunks today, and so far have 2700 words.  This is damn, damn good work for a Vicodin hangover.  I have high hopes for this evening.  Basically I"m closing in on the climax-ish part.  Dan says I’m writing a road book and so it’s all different.  I had no idea there was a free pass for a road book, and I honestly don’t know what one is, so I hope I’m doing it right.  Anyway, it feels like a pretty soft climax to me, but the characters swear I should shut up and type, so that’s what I’m doing.

5. Anna saw the Obama address today: her class and several others went to the Media Center to watch.  Her comments on it were that it made her late for lunch and so she only got to eat two things and was hungry all day.  I asked her if she liked watching him talk, and she said, enthusiastically, yes!  Then I asked her what he talked about.  "I don’t know," she said.  "My back hurt from where I had to sit and I didn’t pay attention."

6.  I tried to make a voice post for 

, but it immediately seemed too complicated, so I tried to do a video blog instead, immediately horrified myself, and bailed.  I may or may not reattempt to do this tomorrow when I have the house to myself.

The end.

One Comment on “Briefly

  1. Aw don’t worry. And video post? OMG U R BRAVE. Don’t think the internet is ready for that yet on my side!
    1. Yay for non rabid bat
    2. The boy does drug counselling. Apparently some ppl want to escape reality.
    3. YAY steps!
    4. YAY WORDS (jealous!!!!)
    5. Poor thing – I hope her back feels better!

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