*incoherent murmurs and whimpers*

How to caption this? For starters, it’s probably not for everyone who reads this blog, but it’s decidedly for a certain percentage of you. Apparently this is some montage from a movie called Dante’s Cove, or something, or maybe it’s several movies. I can give you the blurby bit they have at the beginning, which will give you some general gist:

“If you find MEN kissing MEN offensive, please watch this video over and over until you become accustomed to it.  Thank you.”

I have to say, I recommend this advice, regardless of whether or not you find it offensive.  Hot m/m kissing almost continuously for nine minutes.  I don’t know what the gig is when the old guy is in chains and turns young, and there’s some vampirey guy at the end, but I can tell you that around 5:30 everyone gets very wet and I just sort of glazed over.

Possibly for some of you this is more than you wanted to know about me.  Well, just wait until you see the shit I’m writing.  To prepare yourself, watch this video, over and over and over.

4 Comments on “*incoherent murmurs and whimpers*

  1. Hee. Don’t know where you live, but you can usually rent Dante’s Cove at Blockbuster. Don’t bother, though. ;-p What you’ve just seen are the only parts of the show worth watching. It’s so horribly acted it hurts, but almost worth suffering through to see the pretty boys kissing.
    I head they even made a season two! Ahhgghh! 😀

    • Surely the acting on Dante’s Cove can’t be any worse than on The Lair. One review said it best re: The Lair – this is what happens when porn stars try to act.

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