We love Randy

 Celebrity placeholders are never quite right with me, and even when they are, it’s always the pose or the expression so much more than the actual casting.  I was having particular trouble imagining Randy Nosurnameyet, but as he’s becoming pivotal to the plot (yes, we have some!) and as I’m having trouble pinning down his voice, it’s time to give him a face.  So this is going to be his, for my purposes:

Normally I am not a Joaquin Phoenix fan, excepting that I think he’s a good actor and probably a nice person, too.  I just normally don’t feel much one way or the other about him. Randy’s probably going to change me a bit.

Randy is a total shit.  Randy is the most incorrigible, irrepressible character I’ve ever written.  He is a total, total ass, but he’s charming in this odd way, too, and I’m starting to learn he has a funny sort of loyalty which he’d rather most people didn’t notice.  He’s also totally bringing it to the page, and I love him dearly for it.  He is very probably going to get his own book, but I have to go have a vacation in Vegas before that can happen.  I also have to finish the three other stories that are ahead of his.

Randy is also the antagonist.  Appearing, in the traditional way, 80k into the story.  *headdesk*  But hey.  I can fix that.

ETA: Total for the day is 7k.  I want to write a little more, but truthfully, I need to give my body a break.  

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