Happiness is

 being married to a man who is not only willing but EAGER to read your very, very graphic m/m erotic romance, but who reads it first and within two days of delivery, and when he finishes tells you it’s full of heart and made him feel so good and touched him so deeply, and then quotes YOUR favorite two paragraphs unprompted and says that’s what the book is about.  Thank you, Dan.  Love you so, so much.

I have another beloved beta with this story right now, and a request out to another go-to, but I would not mind another.  I’d need it within the week, which probably puts almost everybody out of the running.  But if you want to read a 100k romance about two men (with a third added later) traveling from Iowa to Vegas in a big blue semi, holler. I’ll even do spell check first this time.  (Sorry AGAIN, Dan.)  I’m looking for content and story, not line edits, unless you catch me saying "iPod" instead of "iPhone" again or some other gross mistake.

Off to read more about poker.

8 Comments on “Happiness is

  1. *sigh* You are darn lucky, you know that?
    *sighs again* I’d love to read your road trip, but 100k in a week? Realistically, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen!
    Glad the writing’s going so well for you, though! 😀

    • Oh, I figured I’d get crickets on that, but figured what the hell, worth a shot. And oh yes, I know I’m very, very lucky. Dan is the definition of awesome.

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