If you wanted to hear what my voice sounds like

or if you just want to see a video of me taking a tour of my friend Jeff’s house, here is your shot. Yesterday I went down to ‘s house and helped him give a home decorating tour in ten parts (one hour total). Jeff used to blog here as , but now he’s blogging , giving home decorating advice for his many adoring fans. His schtick is that he, like my husband has what we like to call a "non-functioning gay gene": they both fit the pattern-card of the gay stereotype in every way excepting the very pertinent point that they both are only attracted to women. (Jeff’s girlfriend is , for reference.) Jeff is an elementary art teacher and part-time artist and home decorator; he has art shows several times a year, and he is getting hired more and more by locals to help decorate their homes.

I’ve been friends with Jeff since 1995, and he’s been a friend of my husband’s since grade school. He’s my daughter’s godfather as well. It was a real pleasure to make this video with Jeff, and over the next week he’ll post installments of the video. I’m posting the first one below; if you want to see me, I think I appear in the mirror in video 3 or 4. Or 5? Anyway, if you know about the Jeff & Heidi show that is every time we get together, you probably will enjoy this, because as usual we can’t resist banter back and forth while we try to showcase Jeff’s house. Honestly, it was everything in me to keep my comments G rated, especially when he was talking about screwing things with the toolbox.

Jeff Tadsen’s Fall Frolics home tour, part 1.  Follow the rest of the saga here, if you like.

3 Comments on “If you wanted to hear what my voice sounds like

  1. Pretty! And one of those moment where I go, oh RIGHT, it’s autumn over there : )
    And you sound pretty much like you do in my head, except maybe higher. Then again I think most girls sound higher in real life *g*. Apparently my head thinks every girl should talk like Kathleen Turner.

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