Beta Love

 There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking as sending your MS out to good, critical betas who you know will not pull punches and WILL tell you if you have gotten it horribly, horribly wrong, but there is nothing quite as beautiful as being told by not one but both of them that you have done it absolutely right.  (With some work to do, yes, but overall it’s clear you hit the high notes and made a pretty tune.)

 and , I do not deserve either of you, but I am eternally grateful for you both.

Today has kicked my ass.  If I can get a second wind here I will post the full chapter one of SPECIAL DELIVERY as a Tuesday Teaser.  Tomorrow I will do a NaNoWriMo Prewriting post  for 

, and I will also fold in all the beta stuff quickly to send SD off to Dreamspinner to see if I can do two in a row.  For the next half hour, though, I’m going to hug myself and be grateful for such intelligent, generous friends.

(Dan, I’m glad for your beta-ing, too, but even you admit you are more fan than critic.  But you proofread like nobody’s business, and Kurt cries for you, too.)

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