Tuesday Teaser: Special Delivery, final “Chapter One”

 This week I’m posting a teaser that directs you off my LJ, and that’s because it gets a bit racy even in the first few paragraphs and I’d rather err on the side of caution as far as adult content.  So here’s the link to the full chapter. You may now consider yourself teased.

4 Comments on “Tuesday Teaser: Special Delivery, final “Chapter One”

  1. Oh, wow! That was fantastic! *g* Killer first line!
    Seriously, great work. Loved the image of Sam boogie-ing on down in the stock room, and the OMG-how-do-I-keep-the-conversation-going bit with Mitch! And mmm, hot!
    Spotted a couple of typos, handily placed close together:
    If Sam could have place an order for a man, this would be what he ordered. The man was ripped. His muscular frame bugled

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