Glee, Glee, Glee, GLEE!

 Oh, my FREAKING GOD, I love this goddamned show.  I wouldn’t have predicted that even a few weeks ago, and in fact I was actively resisting it.  But I love it, love the camp, love the overdone drama, and I EVEN love waiting for Wednesday night at eight.  I’ll even deal with commercials.  IT’S THAT GOOD. And tonight Anna stayed up late to watch with me, and got as into it as I did.  It was so fun to dish about it like gossip with her and hear her gasp and say, "No!" at my predictions.  And then see that I’m right.  I feel like I’m teaching her about story, high school, and extreme camp all in one go.  All we need is a drag queen, and we’d need nothing else in life.

I enjoyed tonight’s ep.  I like what they’re doing with Quinn, humanizing her, and I LOVE all the train wrecks they’re setting up.  I hope I’m wrong on half of them and they throw me some curve balls.  God, I love the crazy batshit wife.  I even love the principal.  But who I love most?  Ken Tanaka.  Even more than Sue, I love Ken.  He’s such a good guy!  I hope he gets hooked up with someone–not Emma. Someone who actually loves him.  Everyone else can keep cycling through bonkers, but Ken I want to have a HEA.

And SUE.  OMG, SUE.  She is so insane, you have to love her, if nothing else so you can hate her.  And CO-DIRECTOR OF GLEE.  O. M. G. How fucking perfect is that?

Come to think of it, Sue is ALMOST a drag queen.  

Fucking love this show. COME ON, NEXT WEDNESDAY.

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