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I’m in that state again between projects, more so now than ever as I’ve sent off SD to Dreamspinner and cannot start Double Blind until November. Truth be told, I have plenty to do, both in getting ready for that and in general housekeeping, but I always feel lost when I’m not writing.  Likely I’ll pull something out in the next few days, but in the meantime, I’m in the fallow time.

Today I celebrated with a massage.  I’ve needed one forever, but I’ve had to triage chiropractic appointments and other things, like Anna’s snow boots.  But today I had one, and it was wonderful.  The only disappointment is that it hasn’t helped the pain in my hips/gluteal area, which means I’ve got to figure something else out there.  Beyond this, I’m so relaxed, and so many muscles that were tight bands are now relaxed.  Really, outside of my hips, I’m fantastic.  It’s just that the hips hurt rather a fucking lot . . . .

Got to eat lunch, too, with Dan, Matt, and Bess (waves) at a restaurant in downtown Des Moines which I think is called Proof.  The food was absolutely great; reminded me of The Cafe here in Ames, but the atmosphere was extraordinarily stark, which is okay, except that I really like a cozy, fabric-covered atmosphere when I eat like that. However, they did have orange-flavored San Pelligrino, which was enough to make me forgive pretty much anything.  It was nice to meet Bess, and fun to be with not just actual people but adults instead of talking to the cats or Anna.  

In less exciting news, the car made funny noises, and when we took it in we found out we had to replace some sheet thing and the struts. The butcher’s bill is $1,000, which let me tell you, we don’t have.  Christmas was already going to be interesting, and now it’s going to be REALLY fucking interesting.  Add to this I’m not making money subbing and any novel money will be small and mostly in the future–well, let’s just say that when Hero comes out, please feel free to buy multiple paperback copies so that I can go to the grocery store. And I guess also need to enjoy that massage, because boy is it the last for the year.  

More exciting: I found a new artist today (forgot to turn the Genius recommends off again).  Ingrid Michaelson, who apparently has some song that’s an Old Navy ad about a sweater.  I bought three songs (before I knew about the car), and Dan found me an album on a subscription service for indie artists that he has.  She’s going on the Double Blind soundtrack.

Tomorrow night we’re going to a casino.  There’s little chance I’ll make back the car money, because I hate gambling, but I need to do book research.  I have plans to play some Blackjack and Roulette with some birthday money I have, but I’m somewhat cross about it because if I don’t come out with at least what I went in with, I’ll be grouchy about it.  Anna’s also going to my mother’s for the weekend, which gives Dan and I a chance to have an adult-only weekend for our anniversary.  (Ours is Sunday, as ever on National Coming Out Day.)  

That’s about it for excitement here.  I have plans to introduce Dan to Glee, or I might just read a lot, or practice playing poker with my computer game.  Or something else entirely.  If it ends up being exciting, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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    • That’s what I’ve heard, but I’m keeping flexible in case things don’t go smoothly, because sometimes they don’t. Also, given the time frame here it’s really a rush deal, and I wouldn’t be at all upset if it had to get bumped for whatever reason. Would make a rocking Christmas present for me, though.

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