I’m 286 words into a new project.  Completely, utterly new, born of an idea I had last night while I lay awake because my arm was throbbing like all hell.  So far a guy named Miles has stapled his sweater to a shelf and is dealing with a customer who came into the pawn shop where he’s been working since he got laid off.  He will shortly find a magical flute which, when he plays it, will open up a portal into another dimension where a handsome prince will appear to him on either a sleigh or a carriage.  Can’t tell which yet, but I know the horse is white and is wearing bells.  I’m thinking a sleigh.  Anyway, the prince will take him to a castle, where he will try to woo Miles, but Miles is going to play the flute again, and the rats will take him to the goat man who lives in the walls.

Could be a new story.  Could be a drug trip. (I did take Vicodin AND Skelaxin last night.) Only one way to find out . . . .

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  1. hmmm, since i got through Monette and Bear’s A Companion to Wolves, I bet I can hang through something that sounds a bit more… bisexually racy?

  2. Sounds very cool! Keep writing.
    And lol on the other comment re Sarah Monette, was going to ask if you’d read her stuff, but the Felix books (Melusine, the Virtu etc) rather than Companion to Wolves (though that’s good too).

  3. I had a good friend–whom we called “No Cash”–who worked in a Honolulu pawn shop. As a result, when he took a date walking through Waikiki to go to the movies, every prostitute and a pimp named “Too Sweet” greeted him by name.
    The date entered the cinema with him, but got up to go to the bathroom and never came back. The next Monday, none of his female classmates would talk to him, but the boys in class were all, “Pssst! Dude! How much does it cost?”

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