Glee for me

 Well, tonight was pretty much awesome.

It’s funny, because I say that even though I’ve hurt all day and last night and had to go to the chiro not once but TWICE today because my left shoulder was all locked up, and after all that I could do no more than ten minutes on the One Iowa virtual phone bank because I just couldn’t hold the phone up to my ear.  And as if it were jealous of the shoulder action, my hips decided to wig out, too, so I’ve been squirming around all night trying to get them to stop throbbing.  Add to this that Dan’s been asking me, "Are you okay?" all night, and nothing’s wrong, but I think what he’s reading is the mental cloud I’m getting, probably from a hormone dip.  In short, everything’s normal.

But tonight was indeed awesome, and that’s because I got to watch not just one episode but TWO with the whole family, in the living room, in front of the fire.  We all watched "Accafellas" this afternoon, and then when I had to bail on the phone bank, we snuck in "Preggers," then dallied with So You Think You Can Dance until this week’s real-time ep came on.  I made popcorn, and did I mention the fire, and it was three times today that my favorite people and I laughed at Sue and gasped at the uber-drama and reassured Anna that yes, Quinn really was pregnant, and yes, Sue really is mean, and yes, Terri is very, very strange.  The show is just two shades adult for Anna, but what I’m liking about it is that she sees some things that really happen and we get to talk about it.  Like, when Quinn was crying because she was pregnant, Anna didn’t understand why that was something to cry about.  So we talked about how un-fun it is to be pregnant when you’re fifteen, and she even picked up on the theme before too long.  "She can’t even drive yet."  And we said yes, that’s right, and you could hear the gears turning in her head.  Good.  

I’ve also been instructed to put Beyoncé on her iPod.

But it was so fun.  We bought "Preggers" on Amazon video, even though I think they’re guaranteed to revoke our purchases someday and infuriate me, but it’s worth it to be able to cue up the Roku box and see Glee anytime you want to.  Anna already has plans to re-watch that one.  It was just such fun family time, and I got as much thrill out of that as I did the show.  

As for the show itself: it was very good, but I’m not buying this Sue backing down.  She better not, anyway!  I suspect this is more shock over Quinn than anything.  And I realized as I picked up dishes after that why I like Quinn is that she’s like Sue but not: she actually sticks to principles outside of just winning.  She’s out to better herself, but there are lines she won’t cross.  It’d be totally believable that the uber-popular cheerleader would be the president of the Celibacy Club, get pregnant by someone other than her boyfriend, then have an abortion.  But I love that she doesn’t.  She breaks all the rules behinds the scenes, but only until she gets to the one that matters.

I also love how there’s no way to win.  I like Quinn now, but there’s no questioning that she’s a manipulative bitch and that she’s passing another guy’s baby off as her own.  I want Finn and Rachel to get together, but I also want Rachel and Quinn to become friends, and the former’s a big problem for the latter.  I want Emma and Will to get together, but there’s the problem of Terri, of course, BUT there’s also the issue of Quinn’s baby, too.  Who’s going to care for it if Terri doesn’t take it?  How the hell is Terri going to take it, anyway?  And when is Puck going to come into this?  It’s just such a delicious snarl.  

That’s good story.  It’s messy, it’s unpredictable, it’s overly dramatic and funny and improbable and engaging.  It’s fun for the whole family.  It makes me laugh and smile and feel good even when everything physical about me is dragging my brain into the slop along with it.


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