Ten thousand words is normally not a milestone in a story: usually I have to get to 20 or 30k before I will safely say I’ve hit my stride, and sometimes even that is early. But I’ve hit 10k on MILES AND THE MAGIC FLUTE, and while I’ll put no money on anything at all staying, I will say that I have a functional story.  

It’s also great heaps of fun. I struggled a bit to get going, but once I revisited the intro yesterday and put the whispering forest frame in place, it’s really cooking. Here are some random details I can share so far.

  • It’s set in Minnesota.  I’m not sure why, but as soon as I placed it there, it felt happy to be there.  
  • There is a magic forest. Beside a trailer park.
  • Miles escapes a satyr by leaping into a silver sleigh which glides magically through the forest. It’s driven by a man who pretty much looks and acts like a slightly nicer Lucius Malfoy.
  • At this point I honestly don’t know what is going on. There’s something fey, and I know there’s something with the satyr, but I don’t know whether Terris (the Lucian carbon copy) actually has Miles’s best interests at heart or not. The not knowing really has me jazzed to keep writing.
  • I’m pretty sure Miles is going to flit back and forth between the trailer park and fairyland (really, at this point do I need any other reason to get back to the computer and keep typing?).
  • There will be all sorts of fantasy bits, like dancing at a ball and fireworks in the garden and all manner of magical stuff.
  • Sex sounds like it ought to be humming, too.

Mostly, though, this is feeling like a fairytale, like Hero.  The draw here for me is once again the excitement of a fairy story set with a protagonist we do not normally get to see, and the fact that the plot will have a sexual arc is just a plus.  If I can get another 10K down, I should be able to pick it up without any trouble at almost any time, and maybe maybe will finish it before Nov 1. If not, there will be plenty here to pick up after.  Or I can start late with NaNo. Or do both.

But I definitely have a story, and it’s very fun. And I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen, which is possibly the best part of all.

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