Whatever, it’s still Glee.

Tonight’s ep I thought was pretty weak on many levels, but in the end I didn’t care because it was Glee.

Seriously, there were several points where I was waiting for what I was watching to be revealed as a dream sequence; after the fourth or fifth one I just decided we were going to seriously deviate from what is admittedly always a fluid concept of both character and narrative, and I settled in secure in the knowledge that whatever happened this week, next week would forget it ever happened.  That said, the sudden intense Jewishness of Puck was bizarre, but fun once you pretended it worked.  I actually really enjoyed the brief Rachel/Puck flirtation, though.  Emma in the Princess Di dress in the school hallway was almost too surreal to bear; Emma in that killer dress with that silver circlet thing singing FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! was worth its weight in slushie.

The actual slushie storyline was . . . ? Good, overdue in a way, and at the same time, didn’t pack the punch I think they were going for, at least with me. But I did enjoy the "I knew grape was your favorite because you licked it off your lips the last time I threw it at you" line, and Kurt taking one for the team in his D&G clear raincoat.

But I was seriously disturbed by the Happy Sue. I adored her Zoot Suit, but even though the dancing was cool, it was creepy, and so was everything up until the Return of the Bitch at the end, which was a relief.

I lay the blame firmly on the writing.  The cast brought it off despite the WTF????? of the material. Whatever.  We had Neil Diamond, My Fair Lady, and Woof on Prop Whatever.  There was an episode of Glee on tonight. What else could you need?

2 Comments on “Whatever, it’s still Glee.

  1. I felt bad for Happy Sue. But kept expecting that the dance sequence with main teacher doode was a dream sequence.
    Glad to see some sort of accountability on main teacher doode’s part about how he’s not been discouraging ‘Holly Golightly meets Monk’ chick.
    I want to lick Puck.
    Also? Grape slushie… ew.

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