I am getting nothing done.

Nothing. I am playing with a new toy, or I was until I couldn’t because Anna had to go to bed, and now I am supposed to be writing, but instead I’m all over the internet watching weird shit on YouTube and joining forums. Which brings me to this.

Are you in ?

Also, to lure you to the dark side, here is the shit I have been doing instead of writing.

I read this article, which lead me to another article which leads me to this

(Dan, you must watch at least the intro. MUST. MUST.)

which led me to

Then I took a break to read the Huffington Post, which led me to this

which made me fall to the floor laughing, so I watched it again, and then when I was closing tabs I saw the gleeclub page again on the Best Week Ever page, and it led me somehow to this.

You have to watch until 1:40. Okay,  and  do.

Now I’m going to go watch everything again. Tomorrow I will play with the toy some more, and then I will report about the toy, once I can be articulate and cool. Until then: Naomi? You rock my socks.

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