Miles & the Magic Flute: 30K

 MILES AND THE MAGIC FLUTE officially has not just legs, but a spine. I’m hitting what is probably the middle; at the very least it’s the middle-ish part where secrets are revealed, plots are hashed, and we suit up for the Big Finale. It’s very exciting because I only sort of know what the Big Finale is going to be. It’s very David vs. Goliath, but sexier. Beyond this, I got nothing. I still think there’s going to be a big dancing scene, but maybe I just really want one. 

The only problem here is that I MUST, MUST, MUST finish this puppy by Nov 1, and a few days between THE END and GO on the NaNo novel would be really nice and much better for my sanity. The good news is that I can take it a wee bit slow as I start because obviously I can write 50k in a month. Fuck, I can write 50k in a week if I want to. And DOUBLE BLIND is full of fun, and will probably be 90-100k. So. I think I can do this. 

It helps a ton that in 5k I’ll be at my projected hump, that I know the beginning needs lots of fleshing out (and will therefore expand in length), and that I could end the first draft closer to 50 or 60k. All I need to be a novel at DP is 60k, and at the rate I’m going between getting to the end and revisions, that should be no issue whatsoever. So this could be novel #3.

And it’s a lot like HERO, so I get to show potential readers that yeah, I do contemporary AND paranormal, and I’ll keep doing that. Which is what all my stuff is. And if I can get this one and the NaNo novel put together and shipped to DP by the end of the year, I would potentially have FOUR novels in the pipe for 2010 (counting a December release of this year as part of that, since it would be available in that time frame). Which means I could then turn to my "other stuff" for a bit with clear conscience and maybe get some headway on that, too.

Or not. Will resist looking and planning too far ahead, because the now is the only thing that is real. But the now is very good. It has a second sold MS in it, a party this afternoon, and 30K. And only a little bit of pain in the body, and a baby cold that is annoying but not H1N1.

Now’s good.

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