It’s horribly rough, and it’s missing whole parts of the arc, and two of the characters must be folded together to make one. But it’s in the big thrilling climax, which as usual is full of magic and whoosh and big violin slides, and maybe a couple of tears. I think there are 3-5 scenes to write, probably all tomorrow, and then I have a very, very, VERY rough draft of something I can fuss over once NaNoWriMo is over. Right now it makes absolutely no sense, so much so that not even Dan can read it. But it’s got a nice shape, and I think I quite like it.

There’s definitely another 20-30k in it, too, between what I need to flush out and fix in the beginning and what I have yet to write tomorrow. But basically I’m going to have written another short novel between SD and the start of NaNo.

I don’t know what brought all this on. Well, selling sure helped, but I really think it must be planetary. Either that or you should all start drinking my water.

Bed now. 

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