Miles & the Magic Flute: All done.

Miles and the Magic Flute is a draft. It clocks in at 51,930, and it is an amazing mess. I mean both those words: it’s quite amazing in some places, doing things I never expected it to, and it is an unprecedented mess, rivaling that of Temple Boy and Small Town Boy. This makes perfect sense, since I started the damn thing October 9th and finished it October 28, which is basically doing a quick NaNoWriMo before the actual one. I’m coming to like this method of absolutely barfing out a draft like that, because it sure makes for some speedy raw material, but I’ll admit freely that the bulk of the work is yet to come. In an artist’s analogy, I’ve put down the barest of sketches, and it’s nothing like a finished work could be, or even should be. 

There are some very nice parts. I have no idea how I got so hooked on silver, which became such a heavy player it’s almost a character, but it’s in there. Terris’s character pleasantly surprised me, and you could have knocked me over with a feather about the flute. I suspect I’ll be the only one to ever be bowled over by it, as I’ll need to lay tracks for what it did, and that will probably make it more of a, "Oh, huh, interesting," instead of a WHOAH. But that’s fine, and even good.

Miles needs some serious work, but that’s about par for me with a protagonist. They always seem to show up last, oddly enough.

The first section is so wrong I can’t tell you, and the end is so bad I got up from the computer frowning instead of being celebratory. Some parts made me so sad I almost couldn’t write them, but I don’t know that they’ll read as sad as they do to anyone but me.

I am in love with Patty and Julie and Katie, and even though I should fold Julie and Katie into one another, I think I’m not going to.

I think that’s about it. Basically I just took a few weeks off and wrote a story for myself, because I was itchy and I wanted to, and because it sounded like fun.  It was. It was a push at the end because I should have left more time, but actually, I think it all worked out for the best. Sorry, I can’t tease anything. It would be like showing you the bride’s underwear or something.  Anyway, it’s not really for anybody yet. But I’ll work on that.

And that’s the story of Miles.  So far.

4 Comments on “Miles & the Magic Flute: All done.

  1. Barfing out a draft. I love it!
    I’ll definitely be checking out some of the work on your site soon! I peeked (I was supposed to be writing thank yous, so I couldn’t fully dive in) and really liked what I saw. Hopefully I’ll see you at one of the write-ins next week! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to see you, too. Will you be there Sunday at Smokey Row?
      I take it from bits I’ve gleaned from various sites you’re recently married? Congrats!

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