NaNoWriMo 2009: Here We Go

It’s 11AM on November 1st. I have my soundtrack, my file, and now I have my icon. (I made that, by the way. Three pieces: two card images, a felt background, and light manipulation in photoshop. Technology is so cool.) The computer is being sluggish, so as soon as the Time Machine has finished backing up, I’m going to reboot, get my zen on, and start writing.

We’ll see how this goes. Randy’s story can only be interesting and full of trouble. 

2 Comments on “NaNoWriMo 2009: Here We Go

  1. Woo! I only managed a day’s worth of words today, but that’s fine, had a cute husband to hang out with a bit. I expect this month will be a rollercoaster as I have diagnostic nerve blocks happening this Wednesday and a week from today the right side of my neck gets RF ablated, but I think that’s going to turn into my protagonist’s painful ride through the Underworld to save her love, so it works 😉
    Here’s to a great galumphing storm of words and light.

    • in my experience turning pain into plot and or character is very, very therapeutic and valuable, especially if you truly release it. Best of luck.
      And happy nerve blocks.

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