NaNoWriMo 2009: And the story breaks open

 One of my least favorite parts about NaNoWriMo is that it goes against my natural inclination to write five or six openings, sometimes as far as thirty thousand words three times in an effort to find the beginning of a story. It doesn’t matter how I plot before hand or how I prewrite; the opening 5-10 thousand words are usually the most garbagey I write of a draft, and sometimes it goes on even longer. I can make them witty or clever, sometimes, but they’re always empty and only half-there, never having the rich color they’ll have when I’m done and redrafting the opening for a final edit. So when I start NaNoWriMo, where there is no editing, no re-do, I’m always a bit anxious.

This year it has not been so bad. I think it helped that I just did a shorter version of what I’m going to do with this story with M&TMF, and let me tell you that the beginning on that one seriously bites. It has such huge holes, such monster screw-ups. But in the end it worked, and a good hard three to four weeks of editing will have that sucker looking quite good. Maybe that was why, this time, I found the voice of the story in scene three.

I got done with the scene today and half considered changing the story title to Poker Face, then decided it’s too Lady Gaga. (Nothing against the song–I have it on the story playlist.) But the title would definitely work. So far the story is looking like it’s going to be about "the story of how Randy became fallible, at least for one person." Which isn’t much of a logline, but it’s getting me through. So far this is basically Randy never being wrong about reading people, then reading Ethan and isn’t right. And this of course gets his attention, but Ethan comes with his own bag of issues, and they’ll struggle with their personal baggage against the landscape of Vegas, I suppose. And poker. Or something. I’ll know when I get there.

Wrote more than I planned this morning; right now I’m at 8,462 words. I could write more in theory, but I’m getting tired and there’s more to do. I have to get to the gym today, and do exercises here at home. And clean an aquarium, and bike ride with a little girl, and play a board game, and some laundry wouldn’t be out of line. Neither would a pizza for dinner go amiss. And there’s the matter of helping Anna with her own project, possibly getting her typed up . . . .

I have a search in Tweetdeck set up for #nanowrimo, and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the tweets roll in constantly as people work on their novels. November. Such a fun month.

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