NaNoWriMo 2009: 22,072 words

 Not bad for day four.

I’m right on schedule, too, because I’m worried that the pacing doesn’t work, that it’s taking too long, that there’s too much description of how to play poker. But I’m just going to keep writing because that’s the only way to find out whether or not I’m right. 

The word count is pretty high, impressing even me. But for one, I blame both Randy and the fact that the past few scenes have been poker stuff, which were top-heavy with the need for Randy to explain, both to Ethan and to the reader, what the fuck the game meant. But Randy in general is just so fun, you can’t help but run away with him.

I got to write the first kiss, which I wasn’t sure how or when it would happen, but I like how it came out. I also like the reversal that came with it, which I hadn’t seen coming.

If you can believe it, even after writing over six thousand words today alone, I’m still going to write more because I"m going to the write-in at Borders. I’m not going to race through anything, though. I’m not actually racing now. This story is just happy to come out in a timely, orderly fashion, bless it.  

At this point I’m not worried about having to juggle an edit and galley session for Hero (which is indeed coming any day now), nor am I at all concerned with the fact that we’re hosting what sounds like it will be a mega Thanksgiving event.  Bring it! And bring your cards, too, because I am actually not bad at poker now.

And that’s how Heidi "C"s it.

5 Comments on “NaNoWriMo 2009: 22,072 words

    • Oh, baby, I am ALL OVER the Vorkosigan School of Forward Momentum. One of these write-ins we’re going to dish Miles, Mark, and Cordelia.
      Best moment in literature: Cordelia and the shopping bag full of the Pretender’s head.

  1. I hate you a little bit right now. Except I love you.
    I came in under goal today (work sucked, and that’s an understatement), although I’m right on track with the “this is awful, horrible crap.”

    • Did you get the Jasper F message today from NaNoWriMo? I loved what he said, every word. It’s all just more and more practice.
      Keep slogging, because all of a sudden the crap will be gold.

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