Fly by with Coraline in

Thank you for all the commiserations on the itchy and scratchy. I’ve tried a lot of them already, but some are new, and I’m going to try them, too. It’s begun again this afternoon, even earlier than it began yesterday, so you might hear the screaming again if you’re in town.  I’m doing a Zyrtec this afternoon, and Dan is investigating whether or not I can take a double dose. Right now my hands are beginning it, so I’m slathing on the aquaphilic. So far either it’s working or it was just taking a break. Am going to buy big thing of oatmeal bath, because if I have another night like last night I may have to sleep there.

In the meantime, I told someone I would show photos of Anna as Coraline (Halloween), and this is the quick and dirtiest way to do it.  So you get to see, too. (First is Dan as chestburster victim, me as Scrabble tile, and Anna. You also get to meet Glinda the Good Godfather.)


Now it’s off for food shopping, more laundry, and then, maybe, finally, I can get some writing in today. Please, I hope so. I really want that next scene. 

Cullinans are forbidden from dirtying any more clothing and eating any food until December 1.

7 Comments on “Fly by with Coraline in

    • We were all big fans of the movie, and Anna and I read the book together. We had a party, too, which ended up being quite large! It was a good night.

  1. SO sorry about the itching babe. My sympathies. Can you get to an acupuncturist? That kind of wandering itch sounds like something that might be effectively treated with TCM.

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