NaNoWriMo 2009: A peek at the soundtrack (again)

It’s day six and I have 30,000 words. This is not half as much because I am awesome (though that helps) but because this story flat-out dances onto the page. The last thing that came close was the Irish guitarist short. I’ve never written 30k this sustained that flowed like this, that almost has the plot here in the first draft. I’m still low on antagonist, but that’s normal.

It helps that it’s Randy. When I wrote him into SPECIAL DELIVERY, I was fascinated by him, by how much he could be an asshole and a tender-heart all in the same breath. I loved how much he attached to Sam, and how selfless he became in getting him together with Mitch, which I knew for him was not a normal course of events. I also knew that watching Sam and Mitch together was going to make the one who swore he was never going to love anyone like that begin to wish he could.

I’ve been ramping to write this story for a month, and as a part of it I listened to the soundtrack whenever I wanted to steep myself in it as a preparation. It’s a really eclectic mix, deviating a great deal from the one I posted out awhile back. The spine of it is the Ocean’s Thirteen soundtrack and a little bit of Michael Clayton. The Beyocé and Rihanna and Heather Small that began the saga has almost completely evaporated. Madonna has showed up with a strength she never has before (from the office downstairs, cheers), Will Young and Banarama are back from SD, and "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele gave me the Bellagio fountain scene. Lady Gaga does a dance with Collective Soul, India.Aire has a nice moment, as does Duffy and even Amanda Palmer. But the heart of this story is found in Ingrid Michaelson and Greg Laswell.

Laswell features heavily on the soundtrack, and while I can pretty much always get some mileage out of "And Then You," the real essence of Double Blind is distilled from "The One I Love." Listen to it here. The lyrics that do it for me:

but i should probably say that i’m unsure why i’m running
running away from
the only thing i want
yeah, i should probably say that i’m unsure why i’m running
running away from the one i love

Michaelson is also a heavy-hitter: "Starting Now" is the sister song to "The One I Love," but "All Love" is probably the secret heart of the book, the thing that will take the crazy poker and betting and denial and Billy Herod’s cruelty and turn it all into a big old rainbow at the end. This one I can only find in a Youtube vid, so hit play and either watch or surf, but however you slice it, this is Randy and Ethan, whether they like it or not.

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