Subconscious for the win

I knew in the scene I’m working on that Crabtree would ask Ethan to name a kitten. The question is what, and I was wondering about that when I was making the coffee in the kitchen. And then I saw them at the craps table, the kitten in Crabtree’s hand, and Ethan looked at it and said, "Salomé." I didn’t even know how to spell that, and I had no idea what it meant. So I looked it up, and got an education. Obviously I heard this somewhere, probably both in English Lit in college and in Bible school, but if you’d asked me to name Oscar Wilde’s plays or who the chick was who wanted John the Baptist’s head, I could not have told you even if you threatened my daughter to get me to spill.

So either Ethan really did whisper that in my ear from some other plane, or the fairies did, or something, or the brain is a truly amazingly godlike thing. I actually have no preference as to which it is,or if it’s a combination or whatever. I’m just glad it happened.

Back to work. Will hit 50k and get green bar any second now. Here, you can chart it if you like:

Now I have to go play craps. Crabtree is going to take Ethan to play, and I still don’t even get the concept. I was hoping to get away with not learning, but the time is apparently now. On to Hoyle Casino . . . .

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