Rapid, Short, and Powerful Thrust

Am I the last person to hear about the Shake Weight? Have you all been alternating between laughing uproariously and imagining the slick, buff men using the Shake Weight together before they . . . um . . . .

I mean, seriously. Shake Weight, or gay porn?

10 Comments on “Rapid, Short, and Powerful Thrust

  1. shake weight
    I hadn’t heard of this until 1-2 weeks ago, when Jon Stewart starting showing clips of the commercial on the Daily Show. I’m guessing that’s where you saw this? He’s shown it a few times in the last couple of weeks.

  2. It’s guaranteed to 4,000,000 reps, but at 240 reps per minute, that’s only 277 hours, which seems like a scam to me.
    Of course, that’s probably 272 hours than most people will probably use it.
    And yes, I’m completely missing the point of your post because I got hung up on numbers. 😉

  3. Oh my. Just watched the ShakeWeightjackoffvibenofleshlightherenosir thingy… kept waiting for them to upsell an accessory baggy of pot-infused lube-crumbs with optional bodybag so the um, user, could have an allover shake ‘n bake experience.

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