NaNoWriMo 2009: The Mug

My fabulous in-laws, Tom and Nina, go regularly to Las Vegas and have been telling us for years we should go and use their time-share they have there. We have yet to do so, though after writing this novel that may change, because now I’m really chomping to go see all this stuff I wrote about. But Tom and Nina often come back from their travels to Vegas with presents, usually coffee cups for Dan because he collects them. But one time they came home with one for me.

At the time I didn’t know that I really needed a Las Vegas mug with my name on it, since at that time I was only lukewarm about the city on my best days. This is very funny as now I have used that mug every single day since November 1, and a little bit before as a warm-up. If it’s dirty in the dishwasher, I pull it out and use it. I won’t use one of the other LV mugs, either–it must be that mug or bust. I can’t even tell you why, really, but I think it’s because it was a present from two people I love very much, and because it has my name on it. It sends some subconscious signal that Vegas is mine, so of course I can write it! What does it matter I’ve barely been there? Damn it, I have the mug with my name on it!

So thanks again, Tom and Nina. You knew what I needed before I did.

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