Okay, overall, it was really good. And I loved the directions they were going. And I loved Kurt singing "Defying Gravity." I loved Puck. I loved the focus on Artie. I loved the hash cupcakes. I loved big dopey Finn. FUCKING LOVED Kurt’s dad.


What the fuck was up with Artie being in love with apparently not Tina but her stutter? Okay, actually I buy that, but not the way it was delivered. I mean, all the beats were there, but they didn’t sell it.

Of course, as I write this I’m listening to the sexual harrassment suit that is Will Shuester singing "Busta Move" to and with his high school girls. So clearly any attempt to ground this show in reality is a foolish gesture.

I liked the whole Puck-Finn-Quinn storyline a lot. And I loved the Kurt and his dad, but I did NOT buy the random phone call and so Kurt throws the solo. And really, this combined with the Tina/stutter/Artie love triangle sums up the whole thing. It was such a great concept, this episode. And if you squint and tilt your head, it’s still really, really good.  But they stepped on too many of the arcs for me to really enjoy it. It’s still not topping "Preggers" as the top ep, despite the hype.

We aren’t even going to go into the Sue with Downs Syndrome sister. Okay, we are. I buy it, maybe, but this is the woman who euthanized her elderly mother. I like it on the one hand because it makes her less of a caricature and more real, but it is damn freaky every time they do that to Sue. I’m eager to see her turn back into a monster. Though I did like how she insisted on treating the Downs Syndrome cheerleader equally.

Bottom line: it was Glee.  It’s often better when it’s bad, so I’ll just say pass me another has cupcake and maybe some of Kurt’s flask from that episode with Cristin Chenoweth and it’ll all be fine.

10 Comments on “Wheels

  1. I loved how “Defying Gravity” (a song that I knew of but didn’t really know prior to tonight) really fits so well with the high drama of the show and well, life in general. I was really pulling for Kurt because it seemed so much more his song than Rachel’s.

  2. Yeah, I so did not get why Kurt threw the solo. That wasn’t really well developed at all.
    The stutter thing… I didn’t quite follow that one either. I guess, it’s one thing to be upset that you were lied to, but… it just didn’t quite work out for me.
    And Sue. Oh, Sue, you needed more witty lines tonight. I absolutely LOVED that she treated the Down Syndrome cheerleader equally, and that she was upset with Will for wanting to give her special treatment. It did feel all a bit sudden though, especially the money for ramp.
    Whatever, so love the show, but Preggers wins as best ep so far.

    • yeah, I loved the Down Syndrome part, and I sort of loved it being Sue, but .. . I don’t know.
      What would have worked would have been the same thing that would have helped the whole show: have a whole arc, and stick with it. I think they put the message before the story in this one. Always a mistake.
      I hope that cheerleader sticks around, but I have my doubts. (Do you remember her name? Jenny?)

    • a friend of mine who stutters is really angry about the stutter plotline because he feels that the character trivialized stuttering; he relates quite a lot to what Artie was saying about not having the choice as to whether or not he pushes people away.

  3. Yeah, I really wanted to slap Artie for that. I understand him being upset that she had been faking a stutter for so long. That’s really a big deal, especially since they were good friends. But for him to just go away and say they couldn’t be together? Lame with a side of lame sauce.
    The part with Puck and Quinn in the kitchen was so cute. We haven’t gotten to see the cute/playful side of Quinn and it was really nice.
    Agreed on all other points. 🙂

    • I agree that there was serious WTFery going on with Artie and Tina. It was not believable, but as Heidi has pointed out, this is also the show where numbers come together with not one whit of rehearsal. I’m willing to forgive that, but at least get the human emotions right.

      • Oh I know. I’m a Music Ed major and those moments make my brain hurt, but I push it aside because the show’s so fun and enjoyable. Don’t even get me started on how learning how to read music takes a lot of time and work. 😛 Oh well! lol I’m curious to see where they’re taking the show throughout the rest of the season. I hope the baby mama drama comes to a head soon!

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