NaNoWriMo 2009: Day 13, Update and new “cover”

 I’ve altered the DOUBLE BLIND icon for LJ, which no one will notice but me, except that maybe this time I had a harder time fighting the lighting/spotlight feature in Adobe. All I really wanted to do was change the Ace of Spades to an Ace of Hearts because DUH it should have been that all along. I also, because I could, altered the Curio page. The main Curio page is still this

But I also played with the "cover" that I’ve posted on the NaNoWriMo site (along with the blurb which I already suspect is inaccurate), and here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

What I love about that mock-up are all the little inside bits. That’s the Bellagio fountain, which is a scene, and the dice are important, as are the chips vs. the dice, and the Ace and the Joker are deliberate. Le sigh.

Current word count is 70k something. I want to finish the scene I’m in, then I want to get into the last act, which I feel like I should have been in about 15k ago, but this is what edits are for. The story has not at all behaved as I thought it would. I thought it was going to be Ethan whom this brought to his knees, not Randy, but looking back now it’s amazing I thought it could be any other way.

I also got edits last night for Hero, which means I am now officially two projects at once. Add in Anna’s birthday this weekend with parties on both Saturday and Sunday, and we’re looking at a whole lot of not writing between now and Monday. Which isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but we’ll cope.

That’s the state of the me. Now going to admire my cover a bit longer, then get back to work.

6 Comments on “NaNoWriMo 2009: Day 13, Update and new “cover”

    • I have been playing hooky and reading the novel you posted the other day. This must stop, because OMG THE TO DO LIST, but mmm, hmm.

      • Ahaha ;-p
        Yeah, it sounds like you’re going to have a busy weekend. Wish that baby happy birthday for me.
        Meanwhile, I should be writing, but I’m going shopping instead. Just crown me Queen of Procrastination! And I (foolishly) accepted a commission to write a sci-fi/fantasy novel, and now NO IDEA IS MAKING ME HAPPY.
        I’m starting to panic.
        Hence the shopping. *g*

        • Sci-fi/fantasty, with boys in? FTW.
          Shopping is the best thing for you, then. You’ll see some insane random object, and all of a sudden inspiration will strike, and you’ll be off and running . . . .

          • Alas, no inspiration struck over lunch meat and frozen peas.
            All kidding aside, though, I’ve been struggling with this, and I’ve planned to post about it later today. I’d welcome your professional opinion, as it were. 😀 I have plenty of ideas. I’m just not sure which is best.
            I’m going to open a discussion about serialized novels, as this commission is going to be released one chapter per week. I think serialization’s a whole different animal, frankly, in terms of meta plot, sub plot, pace, etc., but I’d like to see what other people think.
            If you feel like jumping in, I’d welcome your two cents. 😀

            • I always have at least seven or eight cents lying around.
              Oh, man. Seralized novels. YEAH. I have one of those, first installment languishing alone in Fictionpress because it is so FREAKING HARD. (Not to scare you off.) The thing for me is the headspace. I have to really swim in it, and because it’s me, write eight versions before it’s right. So you & your as-you-go loveliness will have a big advantage.
              Yeah, I have much thought on this. Por favor? If you post and I don’t respond within a day or so ping me, because this means I missed it on the feed because the rabid Glee Club posts ate it. Or the birthday did, or the edits, or the whatever. But I’d love in on that, so flick something at me if you don’t see me show up.

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